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On-site capacity

Our primary service is matching talented, ambitious engineers with clients who need a temporary boost, both short-term and long- term, in on-site and off-site capacity. Every Navali engineer has years of ship design experience and a proven record of meeting our customers needs for specific technical expertise. Our employees also receive individual coaching and customized coursework focused on the clients specific project requirements and goals, so they can hit the ground running when they walk through our customer door.

 “Engineers trained by Navali are a welcome addition to any team: quick to learn, good listeners and have strong communicative skills, with solid knowledge and expertise.”

Off-site capacity

Also do we provide off-site capacity from our office located in Rotterdam. Our engineers have years of experience in ship design for every stage of the shipbuilding process. They have broad professional knowledge on the concept, basic and detail design of a ship. Also do we assist in pipe routing, provide realistic artists impressions and support our customers through a wide range of engineering and consultancy services.

Looking for on-site or off-site capacity?

You can reach us at or use our contactform on our contact page. You can also reach us by phone on 010 – 766 60 00 to discuss your specific wishes.

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